Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™

A comprehensive Pre-IVF health plan designed specifically for those embarking on IVF that is designed to optimise reproductive function.

The Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™ is an on-line guided programme designed to boost egg health, enhance sperm health, optimise implantation, promote pregnancy, minimise miscarriage risks and support you prior to and during IVF treatment.  Using specific and targeted functional medicine, nutritional and lifestyle medicine protocols this programme gives you all the fertility-enhancement information you need to optimise your chances of IVF success. The ultimate aim of the Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™ is to optimise and support your reproductive cells and function to created the best chance of success for you.  



Before I tell you all about this potentially life-changing programme, let’s talk about who this is really for…

  • You are facing IVF and want to do more.  You want an expert to show you EVERYTHING you should be doing before treatment to help optimise your success.
  • You have reached a point of total clarity and know you want a real and tangible plan that is designed specifically to boost egg and sperm health, promote uterine lining and minimise miscarriage risks.
  • You have faith, hope, strength, and sass, and you will trust in me because you know your best interests are at the heart of everything I do.
  • You realise your journey to parenthood isn’t the same as those who conceive easily.  You are reaching out for extra help, and this gives you hope.
  • You want someone to pull it all together for you and clearly show you what you need, and what you don’t.
  • You want to finally wave bye-bye to the services of ‘Dr Google’ and be shown exactly how to optimise your fertility prior to and during IVF without feeling overwhelmed or confused and without being consumed by fertility information-overload.

If this resonates with you, keep reading because you are in the right place, and I’m going to tell you exactly how the Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™ can help you.

But before that, I have a promise for you:

With me as your guide you will be able to leave behind the go-it-alone approach and embark on an exact step-by-step road-map designed specifically to optimise fertility health prior to IVF to help enhance your chances of IVF-success.

Inside the Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™ you will:

Discover the FIRST VITAL STEP of this method – the ‘Foundations to Fertility-Health’ step.  Here we lay down a solid foundation to better fertility-health by supporting some key core systems.  This is one of the most important steps in this method and lays down the core building blocks of your plan.

Partake in a functional medicine and nutrition HEALTH CHECK.  Right from the off you will be guided through the exact health checks I use in clinic to give you a much deeper understanding of your own fertility-health needs.  You will no longer need to second guess any of this and I will help you catch things that may otherwise have slipped through the net and compromised your success.

Gain access to a robust Pre-IVF plan – tailored to YOU.  Everyone’s baseline plan will be the same, but you will be signposted towards information that may be important to you as you progress through the programme.  This will help you create a more personalised plan, unique to you.  As you will have access to nutrition information, supplement protocols, mindfulness guides, emotional support methods, and so much more this programme is a full-support toolbox that has been designed with the needs of the IVF-client – you – in mind.

Unearth a full list of the ‘MAIN OFFENDERS’ that compromise fertility-health and pregnancy and get clear guidance on where you are being exposed to these and how to minimise that exposure in the days, weeks and months prior to IVF.

Have full sight of the range of foods you SHOULD be eating in order to optimise your egg health, promote implantation and encourage pregnancy.  You will also discover the foods you shouldn’t be eating – for example pea protein!

Build a PERSONALISED supplements protocol:  You will be given clear sight of the main Pre-IVF supplements that often complement the fertility journey and will get full sight of what might benefit you in the Pre-IVF stage of therapy.

Discover supportive Pre-IVF lifestyle, mindfulness and emotional support protocols, and be guided on how to include these AND some well-deserved ‘me time’ into your day, every day.  Here you will also build your personalised ‘Support Circle’.

Get full access to my Pre-IVF-Calendar.  This calendar is worth more than you can know.  It highlights and maps out increased nutritional and lifestyle needs prior to and during medical IVF cycle and into the two week wait.  For example: it shows what you should be focusing on during down regulation or prior to and after egg collection.

Discover what ever man needs to know about promoting sperm health within the MALE SPECIFIC Fertility-Health bonus information which is fully relevant for the male partner going through IVF.

Have my ear once a week to answer any questions you may have!  I do of course take breaks – but most weeks I run an hour long live group chat.  You send your questions to me the week before and I answer as many as I can during our hour together.

Succes stories

Clients Testimonials

“Some of Liadh’s first words to me were – give me three months of your time and dedication and I will help you turn your fertility story full circle – and she did, we have two beautiful babies now after following Liadh’s fertility programme.”

Bernice, 36yrs old, mum of two.

“I appreciated Liadh’s guidance and knowledge so much and without it I know I wouldn’t have pursued optimising my fertility, so thank you!”

Laura, 29yrs old, mum of one.

“I wasn’t hopeful when I landed at Liadh’s door.I’m in my 40’s with PCOS and told her pregnancy was second to getting help with my PCOS but it would be a bonus if it was even possible.  I was pregnant within eight weeks of starting her fertility and PCOS programme.  I’m still in shock!”

Caoimhe, 43yrs old, pregnant!

Success Stories

“As a man it was difficult to ask for help with my fertility.  Liadh made it easy for me (and my wife) and we trusted her from our first meeting.  All I can say really is thanks Liadh.”

Tom, 52yrs old, daddy to one.

“The end miracle didn’t happen for us, but I know that with Liadh we literally tried everything we could to make it happen.  Liadh is known for being 100% transparent and from the off she told us nothing is guaranteed but “let’s throw everything at this” which we all did as a team of three.  Having had Liadh on our team means I know I did everything I could to get pregnant, so my regrets are minimised.  Liadh also guided us towards a therapist who was skilled in helping us accept a life of being childless and I’m grateful for that.”

Cathy, 45

“I was a bit apprehensive when I went to Liadh’s clinic.  I was skeptical too.  My outlook on therapy like this is more open minded now as it worked for us, and I’d encourage more people to go along with it.”

Michael, 35yrs old, dad of two.


What is the main type of client you see?

My main women are aged between 35-45yrs old (although they can be much younger).  Some of these women have a low AMH which means their egg reserves are low.  This does not tell anything about egg quality however, and quality is what we are looking for.  My aim is to help all women mature healthy eggs for IVF treatment.  Healthy eggs can equal healthy fertilisation, healthy embryo, healthy implantation and healthy pregnancy.

I am excited to optimise my fertility health before IVF! Are you sure this can be done in an on-line setting?

Absolutely!  If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be doing it this way.  The on-line setting benefits you as you’ll get the opportunity to submit questions to me most weeks for our live chats about anything that’s catching you, which wouldn’t happen in a clinic setting.

I already know so much about how to optimise my fertility-health prior to IVF because I’ve read books and watched videos on this. I’ve also engaged with other fertility-enhancing therapies. Why should I follow this plan?

I’m delighted to hear you know lots about optimising your fertility health prior to IVF!  To me that means you’re already in the optimal-fertility mindset!  I’m not telling anyone that they should follow this plan.  Indeed, you might already have enough in place to reach your goals!  But if you don’t then this plan may teach you those extra’s which might mean the difference between success or not for you.

When I join the Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™ do I have access to all of it in one go?

Yes!  Which means you can begin the plan immediately.

My doctor/medical consultant told me there is nothing I can do to optimise my fertility before IVF and you’re saying there is. Which is it?

Most women and me can enhance and optimise their health and fertility.  For others it’s not so straight forward alas.  That said, my mantra is ‘let’s throw everything at this challenge’ because I’ve seen so many who were told they had no hope of becoming pregnant, become pregnant.

Is it guaranteed that I will have success after following this plan?

Nothing is ever guaranteed, and my job is to manage everyone’s expectations on this.  The Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™ is designed to optimise the health of your reproductive system and tract, ovum (eggs), uterine lining and sperm.  For so many individuals this leads to the success you’re aiming for, for others it doesn’t.  But I wouldn’t be in business if I didn’t have amazing successes (and my children may not have been created!).

I have a very complex case; I have endometriosis/PCOS/fibroids or other gynae issue, I’ve been told my egg reserve is low and my egg health is not great. Am I in the right place here?

If complex gynae issues are driving your fertility-challenges, I want you to remember two things: 1) you only need to produce one good egg and for that egg to fertilise and implant and 2) the core aim of this programme is to help your body do exactly that.  If your case is very complex my one-on-one care programme might be a better option for you.  If your budget doesn’t allow for this, then the Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™ is the best option.

I'm undergoing IVF because I have unexplained infertility. Will this plan benefit me?

For some women with unexplained infertility the section in this plan called Foundations to Fertility-Health is all it takes!  This step kick starts optimum fertility health and I’ve genuinely lost count of how many women with unexplained infertility embark on just this step and become pregnant!  This step is no longer offered as a stand-alone plan, but if you do get pregnant quickly be assured that the rest of the Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™ will benefit you in pregnancy too!

Our problem is male factor infertility, can this plan help?

Absolutely yes!  Although my main clients are women, up to 50% of fertility challenges are male factor challenges.  Large portions of the Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™ are for both partners and inside the programme you will also find the Male Specific Fertility-Health Plan which is fully relevant for the male partner going through IVF.

I’m still not sure, convince me!

If you need convincing, you’re probably not the right fit for the Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™.  Most of those who embark on this plan have a deep understanding within themselves that they need this help.  My role is not to convince you to engage with the plan if you feel it’s not for you.  I’m very serious about this leg of the fertility-journey, and if you’re not fully there yet then it may be best for you to pause here.  I wish you the very best of luck on your journey and I’m rooting for you as much as I root for all those following my plan x

Still thinking about it?

I understand that.  You’ve already invested so much of yourself into your fertility journey and know that nothing is guaranteed.  Taking this step may seem like such extra effort to you.  I understand that too, because I have been exactly where you are, and each step took strength, faith and deep trust.  And now I’m asking you to trust me.  Trust that I have your back on this.  Trust that you reaching motherhood  or fatherhood is all I want for you.  Trust that I very clearly remember the pain of struggling to conceive, and that I want to help end that for you.  Trust that you can do this.  Trust that this might be the missing piece of your fertility jigsaw.


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I personally cannot wait to see you inside my Pre-IVF Best Health Plan and guide you towards optimising your fertility health as you journey on the road to parenthood.

Creating my Pre-IVF Best Health Planhas been at the heart of every part of me during the last number of years and now my goal is to share this information with as many women and men as I can worldwide.  Women and men just like you.  I have seen the most amazing results for so many others and I want you to have full access to the exact method that helped achieve those results.  To experience first-hand the support and guidance this programme will provide to help you take the real tangible steps to transforming your fertility health prior to undergoing IVF.  This may be life-changing for you.  I look forward to meeting you personally inside the programme!

With love & respect,



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