Lic Ac, ND, Dip NLP, AFMCP.

I teach those who are embarking on IVF how to OPTIMISE their chances of success and MINIMISE miscarriage risks.  HOW?

Via my Pre-IVF Best Health PlanTM – a direct and easy to follow functional medicine, nutrition and lifestyle medicine pathway that works to optimise reproductive health in the weeks and months prior to IVF treatment.

Hi, I’m Liadh,

I understand human fertility, and I understand YOU.

I’ve experience the roller-coaster ride that is infertility – I know how painful this experience can be.  Physically of course, but also mentally, emotionally and financially.


Our fertility-health is part of a complex ensemble, and not only uterus, sperm and ovaries centered.  Physiologically, psychologically, functionally and nutritionally – a lot is going on, and because you’re on this page today – you understand this.  

I have helped women and couples in a one-on-one setting in my clinic for years and so many of those clients have travelled great distances to see me when they needed my help.


This led me to create an online version of the Pre-IVF programme that I created and used in clinic for years with amazing results for my clients, called the Pre-IVF Best Health PlanTM. 


This plan allows me to help YOU get IVF-ready without any geographical constraints.  

How can I help YOU today?

My role in your fertility journey is to help you prepare physically for your next or first role of the fertility dice.  

I will show you the nutrition, supplement and lifestyle tools that may help your body function at its best.  It goes down to the smallest details of your hormone balance, reproductive cells quality and reproductive system health to ensure they work at their best. 


My own journey to Motherhood.

I have suffered infertility with a capital ‘I’ and if hearing my story brings you hope and comfort then I am happy to tell it a hundred times over.

I haven’t always told it though – it was too painful and too raw, and I couldn’t get through it without distress.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’.  The entire ‘blame’ was at my door because my husband was fertility healthy and I, well, let’s just say for now that there were a few issues.

I now know there is no such thing as blame in the fertility story and journey, but blame myself I did.  I wish I hadn’t been so hard on myself and I hope you’re not being hard on you.

My fertility journey brought me through many procedures – some ok, some a little less so and if you’ve experienced these, I feel you.  You and I have a connection through experience.

The upshot for me was that both my tubes were blocked and damaged – likely due to internal injuries I suffered as a child after an R

TA.  IVF was our only choice – and I want to take a moment here to send gratitude to the medics and scientists who have made artificial reproductive techniques such as IVF/IUI/ICSI possible.  Without you…it doesn’t bear thinking about. 

So, we did 2 ½ rounds of IVF and

 have two beautiful daughters as a result!! 

I wasn’t offered any help other than IVF and even at that my egg quality wasn’t guaranteed.   So, I put myself on the fertility programme I had been using in clinic for years and threw everything I had at this IVF journey.  I was in my (very!) late 30’s – I knew the reality of my chances.  

I remember being told by my consultant after birthing my second daughter (in my 40’s no less!) that I didn’t realise how unusual it was to succeed so easily and at my age – and I told him I had used every tool in my box to succeed – just as I’d helped hundreds of women, men and couples in my clinic.

Since then I’ve been rearing my daughters AND perfecting my Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™ –  for you my friend.

With love & respect, 
Liadh XOX

(My two fairies!)


The Pre-IVF Best Health PlanTM

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