Hi, I’m Liadh, I got my miracle baby and now I want to help you get yours.

I have been where you are – about to embark on IVF treatment and wanting to know how to achieve the very best fertility-health beforehand.

I’m at the other side of that journey now and I want to help you achieve your best fertility health for IVF just like I did!

You’re here because you want to know exactly what to do in the weeks and months before your treatment and I’m here to tell you I have you covered for all of this. 

I can show you how to improve your changes of success, just like I’ve shown hundreds of others before you, with my Pre-IVF Best Health Plan



Those of us who require medical help to get pregnant aren’t starting from the same playing field as those who get pregnant easily.  We have a little more work to do and my role is to help you OPTIMISE egg quality, ENHANCE uterine receptivity, PROMOTE sperm health, MINIMISE miscarriage risks and believe in MIRACLES

Let’s hand your medical team the very best materials to work with!



I’m a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Registered Nutrition Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Naturopath & Scientist. 

On your team I will strive to guide you towards the success you deserve.  Every bit of me is on this journey with you.

Succes stories

Clients Testimonials

I have helped many hundreds of women, men and couples during their journey to parenthood.  Here is a brief snapshot of some of their stories.

“Liadh thank you so much for making this possible.  My little miracle came along with your help.  Liadh is so professional and caring and her need for you to succeed comes across in everything she does.  Obviously, her advice and treatment worked!  I would definitely recommend anyone to enroll in her fertility courses.”

Gillian, 38yrs old, mum of one.


Who am I?

I’m Liadh Fitzgerald, an Irish born practitioner therapist.

I’ve been spelling my name all my life!  What you see here is the Irish spelling and it’s pronounce ‘Leah’.

I am the founder of the Pre-IVF Best Health Planwhich is a plan that helps those embarking on IVF promote their fertility-health in the weeks and months before they undergo treatment with their chosen medical clinic.

The aim of my work is to optimise your chances of pregnancy and minimise miscarriage risks and I’ve dedicated my career to this. 

My babies are IVF babies  and I’m so blessed to have them.  This also means I know what you’re going through.

Which is why I want to help YOU achieve your goal of becoming a parent, just like I did.

I’m honoured every time you entrust me with this part of your journey to parenthood.  Your fertility challenge and IVF treatment doesn’t have to be faced alone, I’m here to help. 

Discover more about me

“After a hugely stressful three years of family bereavements and failed IVF cycles, we embarked on Liadh’s optimal fertility-health programme (now called the Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™ ).  Within days I felt more empowered.  Liadh’s method guided us through physically preparing our bodies for IVF, and helped us build the best sperm and eggs.  It also helped us manage stress and build a supportive community around ourselves.  By the end of the program, I had my very own fertility ‘bible’ that I opened and read every day.  I’ve kept it as a keepsake for our little son, Theo.”

Janine, age 39, mum of one.


Ready for more information?

Welcome to:

The Pre-IVF

Best Health Plan

A step-by-step nutrition, supplements and lifestyle-medicine road-map designed to optimise YOUR fertility-health before IVF.  


The vital steps to supporting your fertility in the Pre-IVF stage.


A personalised Pre-IVF health road-map and unique programme, tailored to your needs.

Get Support

Join a safe bubble filled with support, kindness and mutual understanding. 


“Having struggled to produce good quality eggs for our third IVF cycle we visited Liadh and her clinic four months before our 4th IVF cycle. Liadh put us on a 3-month Pre-IVF programme that followed an egg quality protocol and to our amazement and utter joy we produced SIXTEEN good eggs, two of which fertilised, one of whom is now called Eve!”

Rebecca, age 37yrs, mum of one.


The Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™

Next opening : January 2022


I have based this nutrition, supplements and lifestyle-medicine plan on my years of in-clinic practice and latest scientific discoveries around fertility and pregnancy.  Combined with an innate instinct for what works I’ve brought everything I have to the table for you.  

I want to save you time and energy and emotion and lead you towards a much needed positive outcome. 

There is no magic.  Only science, knowledge & care. 

The Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™

Optimising egg, sperm, and uterine health.

Nutrition and supplementation antioxidant support.

Supporting implantation and minimising miscarriage risks.

With you and supporting you on your IVF journey.